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Offering sophisticated tastes in a casual, modern setting, Luca’s Restaurant and Bar is committed to fine cuisine without pretension. Being a true crossroads of flavors, Luca’s serves up traditional Italian antipasto and Thai shrimp curry on the same menu – all with an emphasis on sharing plates and communing over good food. Relax at the full bar trying out newfangled cocktails, or enjoy a sunny brunch at the comfy banquettes. It’s all about having a good time. 

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The owner of two restaurants in Fernandina Beach’s historic downtown Centre Street, Chef Luca is no stranger to locals. Apart from his affectionate bellows of “hello!”, Luca is also known for the great food and friendly service of his restaurants. Born in the south of France to a family of Italian restaurateurs, Chef Luca was exposed to the world’s most beloved cuisines from a young age. He started cooking when he was eight, instructed by his father and his uncle on how French and Italian food should taste, and how to make them well. 

His passion for the restaurant business eventually led him to New York City, where he rose quickly from waiting tables at Petaluma to becoming Captain at the celebrated New York mainstay Le Cirque. His keen management skills did not go unnoticed – he became General Manager at Jean Goutal’s Le Colonial NYC, and Managing Director in star restaurateur Sheldon Fireman’s finest restaurants, namely Trattoria dell’Arte and Red Eye Grill

In 2007, Luca moved to Amelia Island, first managing the Ritz-Carlton’s Café 4750 before opening Ciao Italian Bistro in Yulee, where loyal patrons often found him laboring over pasta sauces. A runaway success, Ciao moved downtown and has since become a mainstay in the town’s bustling restaurant scene. Looking to introduce an international palette to Fernandina, Chef Luca opened his second restaurant, Luca’s Restaurant & Bar, in early 2016. Situated on Centre and 7th Street, Luca’s offers pan-European specialties alongside select Asian fare and occasional culinary surprises. 

Good food shouldn’t be what sets a restaurant apart, it’s a given. Chef Luca believes that diners should enjoy their meal, but also feel like cherished friends at his own home. And most patrons would tell you they undoubtedly do.